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TNAU conducts a Kisan Mela on Nematodes Management in Pandal Vegetables

TNAU conducts a Kisan Mela on Nematodes Management in Pandal Vegetables

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A “Kisan Mela” was conducted at Navakarai on 20.03.2017 for vegetable (Pandal) growers on nematode management under All India Coordinated Research Project on nematodes.

Around 40 pandal vegetable growers participated. Dr. Raman Kumar Walia, Project Coordinator, AICRP on nematodes introduced the role of nematodes in causing yield losses along with other pathogens.

Dr. K. Poornima, Scheme Incharge (AICRP (N) Coimbatore Centre), explained about the importance of nematodes in different crops particularly on pandal vegetables. The life cycle, biology and mode of spread of plant parasitic nematodes were explained by Dr. P. Kalaiarasan, Assistant Professor.

Dr. N. Swarnakumari, Assistant Professor demonstrated the mass multiplication of fungal bioagents in Farm Yard Manure (FYM) under field conditions to the farmers. The nematode disease complex in pandal vegetables and their importance was explained by Dr. A. Kamalakannan, Professor (Plant Pathology).

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Dr. A. Suganthi, Assistant Professor (Agrl.Entomology) explained the need based use of pesticides to manage insect pests in Pandal vegetables to minimize pest damage and protect ecosystem. Dr. S. Srinivasan spoke about difference between nutrient deficiency and nematode induced nutrient deficiency symptoms.

In conclusion, Mr. A. Senthilkumar, Secretary, Kovai Farmers Producer company proposed vote of thanks.

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