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Top Games That Will Change the Gaming World In 2021

Top Games That Will Change the Gaming World In 2021

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Video gaming was the only major support for people who were paralyzed at home in Corona Lockdown. So, after 2019 the receipts of new games were huge. Also, existing games are very popular. In particular, 2021 will be a trendsetter for the gaming industry. So, let’s take a look at some of the games that have changed the trend set this year.

Call of Duty: Mobile Games has been the most popular video game for the last few years. It’s available on Google Play and the App Store, Call of Duty: Mobile is set to become a new trendsetter in 2021. The shoot-to-Survive game is very popular for FPS and PvP applications.

PUBG: Not to mention the popularity of the PUBG mobile game in India. However, due to strong opposition to some of the pornographic images in it, the Chinese game was banned for political reasons. Following this, Crofton has launched the Babji Mobile New State Game, designed specifically for India. This also impressed the game lovers a lot.

GRID Autosport: it’s a great and new game for those who like car race games. The game has been a trendsetter since its inception due to its unanimous reception. The most important feature of the GRID Autosport game is that you do not have to pay for the game. Also, there will be no ads while playing the game. In addition, the excellent graphics are designed to attract gamers.

Free fire: After PUBG Mobile was banned in India, Free Fire became an instantly popular game. Karena has released the Free Fire Max with great graphics and great controls.

This game can be played on any smartphone. This is one of the reasons why the Free Fire Max game is so popular among some of the games that are designed to be played only on high-end smartphones.

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Pokemon Go: Five years after form 2016, this game has attracted a lot of users, on par with the recently launched games during the Corona lockdown. Many people played this game.

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