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Untitled the online automotive portal is live and is testing waters in Coimbatore. Founded by the former F1 racer and Coimbatore speedster, Fastest Indian in the world, Narain Karthikeyan with Hormadz Sorabjee the reckoning name in auto industry of Auto Car, is an attempt to get the people the cars they want with special discounts and awesome offers.

The poster which was a branding on the bus had clear call to action in terms of a call center number and offers upto 2 lakhs in the message.


The best part mostly would be with high end cars with the likes of Lamborghini or Porsche or the GTRs which will be the target audience that they will be looking at given the premium that can be associated with Narain.

The portal has a nice UI and has all the details with comments from both Narain and Hormadz on each of the model.

This also marks Narain’s entrepreneurship foray into an online venture. Given the increase in sales of premium cars it is going to be a really different model that they have worked out and given the names involved, this will be watched closely.

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So wana listen to what Narain and Hormadz have to say!

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