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Tourists bathing in the Azhiyar Dam without knowing the danger

Tourists bathing in the Azhiyar Dam without knowing the danger

Tourists, Azhiyar dam

Unaware of the danger, tourists descend into the abyss and bathe. So there is a risk of casualties due to the negligence of the authorities.

Tourists have been banned from visiting the Azhiyar Dam and the park since the 8th of this month due to the increasing spread of corona. Due to this the entrance to the park is closed.

At this point, the tourists were drowning. Then they went into the Azhiyar Dam through the boathouse. Some enjoyed bathing in the dam without realizing the danger.

Community activists said: “Tourists are not allowed to visit the Azhiyar Dam and the park due to the spread of corona. But tourists go down to the Azhiyar Dam via the boathouse and bathe. Thus there is a possibility of casualties.

Public works officials have not been involved in monitoring the Azhiyar dam area while the restraining order is in force. As the spread of corona in Pollachi is on the rise, the outbreak is likely to increase due to the influx of tourists.

Authorities should therefore monitor the dam and park areas and take appropriate action against tourists violating the rules. Thus they said.

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