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Turkish bride marries Indian groom according to Hindu rituals

Turkish bride marries Indian groom according to Hindu rituals

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Love has no boundaries such as culture, boundaries, race, religion. The recent traditional wedding in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh has proved this once again. The photo of a Turkish bride and Indian groom getting married is currently going viral on the internet.

Indian groom Madhu Sangeerth met the 2016 bride Gizem on a project related to work. The two became friends. Shortly afterward, he moved to Turkey, where Gizem lived, for wine and work. After the two reunited there, at one point the friendship turned into love. So the two decided to get married.

However, convincing the couple’s family was not easy. Eventually, however, both succeeded in this endeavor. After the consent of both parents, the couple got engaged in 2019. It was confirmed that she could get married next year. But due to the Govt epidemic, their marriage was postponed.

The romantic couple finally got married in Turkey last July following Turkish tradition. Then for the second time in India they got married according to a traditional Telugu Hindu ritual in which Gizem wore a beautiful sari and performed all the Hindu rituals. In an interview, Gizem said that her family loves Indian culture and how she learns Telugu to better communicate with her husband’s family and relatives.

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