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Uncleaned toilets at Gandhipuram Bus Terminal proceed to vex passengers

Uncleaned toilets at Gandhipuram Bus Terminal proceed to vex passengers

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Gandhipuram town bus terminal, which thousands of passengers use daily, is a picture of neglect.

While there is a toilet on platform number one of the terminal, passengers are hesitant to use the same, as it lacks cleanliness. Most people prefer to relieve themselves in open places outside the terminal.

Passengers have demanded the city corporation improve the cleanliness of the toilet and set up additional toilet facilities to meet the growing demand. The e-toilets on the bus terminal premises have been dysfunctional for months together. They were in use only for a few months after the installation, passengers said.

V Pavithran, a regular passenger, said he had used the toilet, which was unclean, only once. “However pressing the need to relieve me, I won’t use the toilet at the bus terminal. I will wait to reach home or the destination that am I headed for. While adequate water is available at the toilet, cleanliness is compromised.”

The toilet for disabled people is, meanwhile, always kept locked. Anti-social elements are using the facility for consuming liquor, say vendors at the terminal, the premises of which is filled with waste materials and garbage.

Robin Bennifer, district coordinator, Spinal Injured Persons Association, said while Gandhipuram bus terminal was the only bus terminal in the city to have separate toilets for disabled people, the same was not being used. “Many disabled people hesitate to come out of their houses because of lack of ramp and toilet facilities for them.”

When contacted, a corporation official said it was the public who damaged the e-toilets. “It was a pay and use facility. Users had to insert coins to use the toilet. They damaged it while trying to use the facility without inserting coins.” He said the cleanliness of the existing toilet would be improved soon.

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