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Universal Health Coverage Day 2021; History, Theme and its significance

Universal Health Coverage Day 2021; History, Theme and its significance

Universal Health Coverage Day 2021

Every year on December 12, Universal Health Coverage Day serves as a reminder to renew global efforts to ensure that people have access to health care when they need it.

Universal Health Coverage Day provides an opportunity to assess progress and highlight gaps in ensuring that everyone, everywhere, has access to the health care they require, close to home and without financial burden.

According to the UN, this year’s theme – “Leave No One Behind When It Comes to Health: Invest in Health Systems for All” amid a worldwide pandemic calls on leaders to protect everyone. Deciding on a course of action to keep leaders, health systems, and world nations responsible for the promise of health for all remains a rallying point for Universal Health Coverage Day.

In times of crisis and calm, everyone everywhere deserves access to high-quality health care.

The United Nations General Assembly endorsed a resolution on December 12, 2012, urging countries to make rapid progress toward universal health coverage (UHC) – the idea that everyone, everywhere should have access to high-quality, affordable health care – as a key priority for international development. The United Nations declared December 12 as International Universal Health Coverage Day on this day in 2017.

For health systems throughout the world, the COVID-19 pandemic had been a source of reckoning. The enormity of this situation reawakened interest in healthcare systems and universal health coverage. More leaders are paying attention than ever before and rising to demand change.

WHO will disclose the most recent data on universal health coverage, which will highlight the global impact of COVID-19 on health systems and services, as well as how countries are responding.

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Universal Health Coverage Day is dedicated to thinking about what needs to happen next to make consistent and meaningful progress toward a more equitable and healthy society.


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