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Upgrading Surveillance system at check posts to curb crimes in Coimbatore

Upgrading Surveillance system at check posts to curb crimes in Coimbatore

Surveillance system

The city police have strengthened surveillance at the 11 checkposts by deploying more personnel to prevent criminal activities, including cross-border ganja smuggling.

Police commissioner Pradip Kumar, who inspected the checkpoints recently, said he often found them manned by only one person.

“Although two people were deployed in each shift, sometimes only one would be present as the other left to have food or attend nature’s call. Now, three people have been deployed per shift, including a sub-inspector. I have instructed them to make sure that there are two people at any point in time,” he said.

After 11 pm, every in-bound person is being stopped and checked thoroughly. “If any person is found suspicious, he would be scanned using a face recognition camera developed for Tamil Nadu police.

All police stations must upload photos of criminals and missing persons in the crime and criminal tracking network and systems (CCTNS). It is already paying off as we secured a criminal recently. It is also used to scan vagrants sleeping on platforms and footpaths to check if they are on the missing person list,” Kumar said.

Night checking helped to secure ganja peddlers and banned tobacco hoarders.
“A biker was found in possession of ganja recently. He led us to a distributor, from whom we seized 1kg ganja. The distributor led us to the wholesaler in the Theni district. We seized a few kilograms of ganja from him,” the commissioner said. “We seized more than 1,000kg of banned tobacco products recently,” he added.

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The Police Department in Coimbatore is taking various steps for the safety of the people is appreciable. Also, people are praising them for posting the details and contact numbers of the police officers on Twitter who took charge of the particular areas. This idea helped the people in times of need.


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