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Vaiyam – Wildlife and Nature Photography Show begins at Perur Chathram

Vaiyam – Wildlife and Nature Photography Show begins at Perur Chathram


Renowned Environmental Activist Mr. Bitto Sahgal inaugurated Vaiyam (world) – a photography exhibit that displayed the best photographers from Coimbatore and the best photographs of the region.


It was organised by Coimbatore Creative Collective (CCC) – an initiative by creatives for creatives to help enhance the cultural identity of the city of Coimbatore. The event happened in association with Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Science (KCLAS).

Inaugurating the show, Mr Sahgal said that a lot of tampering has happened with the ‘infrastructure of nature’ which are, the mountains, hills, waterbodies, that gives everything to living beings on earth. He said it is time for the artists to come out and tell people on the solutions.

“Oceans have been destroyed, mountains ravaged, grasslands vanished, wetlands have been filled and the glaciers are melting fast. But there is a solution to it,” he said.

Stating that the whole planet is designed to repair itself, Mr Sahgal further remarked, “the biosphere is a self-repairing machine and the whole planet is designed to come back to where it was originally. But only if we allow it to do so by not making further damage”.

Mr. Sahgal said that the world has never faced a crisis as deep as this. Climate change involves burning of 500-million-year-old carbon with high calorific value and pumping it to the atmosphere. Increasing the green cover is the only way to bring down the carbon level without spending money.

He said the natural system is perfect. “We just have to do nothing and everything will come back. The ocean, corals, forest will restore itself if we don’t degrade it further.” he said.

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He also spoke on the ecological implications of dams constructed across rivers. Saying that the cost benefit ratios of the existing dams have not been fulfilled but more dams are being built at several places. The government can take a policy decision to restore the catchments of these dams to help it perform well instead of building more dams.

Vaiyam exhibits

Earlier in the evening, Aakash Selvan from CCC welcomed the chief guest and photographers who have displayed their photos in the exhibition. He said Vaiyam has a stunning display of more than 100 photographs comprising of different themes varying from abstract to aerial, mammals to macro with a touch of ancient history of Coimbatore.


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