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Valparai choked with piles of rubbish

Valparai choked with piles of rubbish

Tourists visiting the Valparai area can dine on the roadside from Attakatti to Valparai and on the way from Valparai to the Cholayaru Dam, Nirar Dam, and Karumala. Many people drink alcohol. All of them are throwing leftover food items, bottles of wine, empty water bottles, and baby bombs on the sidewalks.

Locals are also throwing rubbish from their shops and houses on the roadsides. The Valparai pile is littered with rubbish due to tourist violations. Valparai Municipal Commissioner Suresh Kumar said: – The Valparai area is polluted by debris and the roadside areas are stinking, especially with the accumulation of large amounts of plastic.

As a result, the environment is affected and in the rainy season, these plastic products are dumped in the rainwater and clogged roadside drains and sewers in urban areas. As a result, the rainwater drains properly and clogs the rivers, making it difficult for rainwater to flow onto the city’s roads.

Thus, the debris is washed away by rainwater and ends up on sidewalks and roads. As a result, garbage and plastic items pile up on the road after heavy rains. Health workers are carrying out the task of removing this debris amidst difficulty.

Tourists who come to Valparai area should not throw away rubbish while traveling in vehicles and litter and empty water bottles while sitting on the roadside. Garbage bins have been set up on behalf of the municipal administration on the way to the Valparai town area and various places. Put the trash in the trash can to help keep the tailspin area clean and hygienic.

Do not engage in such activities without realizing how much inconvenience human cleaners like you are doing to remove the rubbish dumped on the roadside without considering the general public interest. Thus he said.

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