1st December 2021
  • 1st December 2021

Vinodhaya Sitham will spark a change for sure -Ram Arunachalam’s Review

By Team YourCoimbatore on 17th October 2021
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Vinodhaya Sitham (Tamil) – A heart-warming, sensible, self-realizing journey!
A well-constituted and beautifully crafted content on self-realization makes this “will” a gem of a watch! A striking come back by Samuthirakani as a Director and should be appraised loads for an engaging screenplay, that was honest and expressed heartily.

A man with success in his profession and personal life faces an unfortunate event which is all only to make him self-realize, course correct, and win over relationships from various perspectives. The crisp 100-minute run time is sure to make every viewer come out of their dominance at situations and think from different perspectives.


vinothaya sitham

Thambi Ramaiah on the central role as Parasuram embodies and delivers an unrivaled performance of a man in his retirement stages, course corrects himself in the given opportunity, and starts to view things from a different perspective. He steals the show!
Samuthirakani, the messenger sent to take Thambi Ramaiah to heaven, travels with him all along making Parasuram self-realize on every situation and make him leave with peace at the end. Another brilliant performance!

The subtle humor all along, the casting & characterization of family members, Muneeshkanth as a friend (his bar conversation with Thambi Ramaiah is hilarious), many debating conversations between Thambi Ramiah & Samuthirakani, genuine interactions between MD & Thambi Ramaiah, Samuthirakani’s mention at the bar looking at a man having 13 larges, he has another 30 years to live as per his life account… is a striking message on the “will” every human carries and it’s to happen as destined.

The end message mentioning “Let’s get out of the hell and head to heaven” was on the dot. The movie is now streaming on Zee5 OTT. Don’t miss it

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

Ram Arunachalam

Ram Arunachalam, Vice President of an IT firm in Chennai. He is passionate about filmmaking and firmly believes “born for art”.

He has acted in all forms of film. He had been a publisher of “Ayal Cinema” – A Tamil monthly magazine, which focuses on World Cinema and Film Making Techniques.

He organized the “Ooty Short Film Festival” and was a Pioneer in writing film-making techniques and cine reviews. He has an unending passion for world cinema.


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