22nd September 2021
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  • Water contamination becomes a serious issue in the city – 7th August 2021

According to THE HINDU, Water contamination scares the Coimbatore residents than water scarcity. The water supplied for Poonga Nagar, Ukkadam by the corporation is unfit for use. The Complaints raised by the residents were not responded to.

water contamination

Water contamination

As said by them, Water will be supplied for the residents once a week or ten days. Usually, they let out the initial water for two or three hours before saving it for use. However, they avoid the corporation water for cooking because of its unbearable smell.

The cause for the adulterant is due to the mixing of sewage water, one of the officials narrated the reason. Unhygienic water causes more health issues than imagined. Quick steps should be taken by corporations to rectify the problem.


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