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What to do if street lights are not working in your locality

By Team YourCoimbatore on 7th November 2021
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Non-functioning street lights is a challenge to infrastructural boost to modern India also it has increased crime rate. Whereas in rural areas people can still be found walking with a torch at night. Here is a detailed procedure on how to and whom to complain if the street lights next to your home or anywhere else are not working.

First of all, get to know which regional office of the electricity board does your area come into???
Then apply for a streetlight connection in the office. Streetlighting being a public service sector comes under the municipal corporation or the local governing body of that area. So, meet the relevant officer or the corporation of your area & then the funds allocated to him will be used for this purpose.

Or else there is another way introduced by our Coimbatore Corporation. You can register for a new street light in your area. They shared a link to register online. There should be a 30 Metre distance between the requested new pole and the existing pole.
Here is the link:

People can utilize this opportunity to lighten up
your areas.


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