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When Coimbatore woke up to a Bandh on Friday Morning!

By on 23rd September 2016 0 138 Views

Coimbatore woke up to a early morning bandh and was caught unawares of what had transpired the previous night. The bandh was called by the Hindu Munnani and its allied parties to protest the killing of one of their spokesperson in Thursday night.

Sasikumar the spokesperson of Hindu Munnani was hacked to death around 10 pm while he was on his way back home. The incident happened near Kavundampalayam and he was taken to the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital where he died.

This led to angry protest from the party and the people gave a call to the bandh as an immmediate reaction to protest against this killing.

The morning was a surprise for many Coimbatorians and the news soon spread on social media and WhatsApp and the mainstream TV channels also started reporting the same.

Here are some reactions from the social media. While we believe there should have been a silent protest, the shutting down of business would have affected everyone without any reason.

People got the details on Social media and how to take a detour on WhatsApp.

And there were official tweets too! Earlier in the day…

And the last tweet! Lot of people had gathered to show the last respects to the slain Hindu Munnani spokesperson Sasikumar.

A lot of media coverage today has happened because of this, last week it was the killing of the engineering graduate Dhanya and this happening today. A second Friday in a row has gone for a bandh – the Cauvery bandh last week and this one today.

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