3rd December 2021
  • 3rd December 2021

When S. P. Balasubrahmanyam went Live on Facebook…

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Screen grab of his FB Live

Screen grab of his FB Live

It’s a legacy for us having listened to so many songs and what a going back in time… Must watch this FB live video… celebrating his 50th year and even with the time he was very particular about that.

The best trivia I got to know was this, the first song by SPB in Tamil didn’t come out because the film hasn’t seen the light of the day! We see so many authors saying about the rejects their books receive, but this is too good.

This video would give any documentary a run for the money. I loved the way SPB is so composed and he chronologically presents the life and times of the singer par excellence.

Some snippets from the video…

“If I go on singing it will be concert…”

He called out some of the names from the screen making some of the fans go excited!

“Rafi is my Aradhya Deivam”

See for yourself! I loved it so much!

Thanks a lot SPB sir! Keep singing and mesmerise our days!

Here is the video…

As we went live with this posting the video had already garnered over 1.2 million views.

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