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Which form of cricket will be included in the Olympics? No T20!

Which form of cricket will be included in the Olympics? No T20!

Faf du Plessis

The demand to include cricket in the Olympics has been around for a long time. The ICC has already applied to include cricket in the Olympics. Although there are various opinions regarding the inclusion of cricket in the Olympics, the opinion of celebrities is also very important.

Former South Africa captain Faf du Plessis has said the biggest thing about cricket’s inclusion in the Olympics. Faf du Plessis believes that the future of the T10 format is bright and that it could be included in the Olympics. The senior batsman is making his debut in the Abu Dhabi T10 League, which will be held at the Saeed Cricket Stadium from November 19 to December 4.

Speaking at a virtual press conference, former South African captain Faf du Plessis said, ‘I have been playing in all three forms of cricket for a long time, yet T10 cricket attracts me. I was drawn towards it. I think a lot of players like me would like to play in matches like this ’.

The 2028 Olympic Games will be held in Los Angeles. Speaking about the formats of the game, Blaise said, “When you switch from one format to another, I think there will only be an understanding of the game you have played so far. We need to think about a ‘blueprint’ for consistent results, ”he said. Du Plessis excelled in the Indian Premier League, with his team winning the Chennai Super Kings title. He will lead the Bangla Tigers in the upcoming Abu Dhabi T10 season.

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