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White Cane Awareness Day: An exclusive day to honor Visually Impaired

White Cane Awareness Day: An exclusive day to honor Visually Impaired

White Cane

White Cane

The National Federation of the Blind celebrates ” White Cane Awareness Day” every year on October 15.

Tap tap tap. That’s the sound of independence.

Throughout the world, the long white cane is used by people who are blind and visually impaired as a tool for safe and reliable navigation.

Several countries have traffic laws designed to protect the person using the white cane. The date is set aside for the achievements of blind or visually impaired personalities.

James Biggs of Bristol claimed to have invented the white cane in 1921. After an accident took his sight, the artist had to readjust to his environment.

Feeling threatened by increased motor vehicle traffic around his home, Biggs decided to paint his walking stick white to make himself more visible to motorists.

White canes are white because of George A. Bonham. In 1930, Bonham, president of the Peoria Lions Club (Illinois), watched a man who was blind attempting to cross a street.

The man’s cane was black and motorists couldn’t see it, so Bonham proposed painting the cane white with a red stripe to make it more noticeable. The idea quickly caught on around the country.

The white cane is an important symbol of being visually challenged and a tool of independence.

This day is observed to cherish the achievements of people who won against their physical limitations and achieved success.

As the white cane symbolizes the visually impaired person around the globe, it was also chosen as the symbol to highlight their triumph against adversity.



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