6th December 2021
  • 6th December 2021

Why do foreign investors deny investing in Indian stock markets?

By Team YourCoimbatore on 23rd October 2021
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For international brokerage firm UBS, India is an unappealing market because of its exceedingly expensive valuation when referred to ASEAN countries.

It also said low real yield and expensive currency is making India vulnerable to tapering by the US Federal Reserve. The BSE Sensex has railed 27% year to date, propelled by foreign flows but the real question for the country is how quickly can mobility restrictions ease and how long will retail flows persist now that global funds are turning net sellers in India.

The language barrier has also taken a huge part. India’s capital markets have always been an English- Dominated territory. What makes 2021 unique is the abrupt rise in new retail investors, many of whom hail from smaller hamlets and districts that did not formerly have a significant market impression.

Binoy Kumar Singh, 68, a retired government employee from Kolkata has been dabbling in India’s stock market for many years. However, he still encounters an interesting drawback often.

Singh’s grasp of the English language is a bit tenuous. It has been impacting my investment decisions. He said, “Significant news should be accessible in at least one extra language apart from English.”

The remedy to the language obstacle is complex. Market data is usually time-bound. Translating it might lead to information loss and create a negative impact.


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