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Wild elephant breaks the windshield

Wild elephant breaks the windshield

elephant, Valparai

Valparai experiences intense sunshine with the onset of summer. As a result, most of the wild elephants that used to camp in the Valparai area are moving into the dense jungle due to the impact of the wind.

In this situation, wild elephants are camping in the forest areas adjacent to the estates of Singona, Nirar, Chinnakallar and Pathampathy, which have high water resources, and are causing damage to the workers’ quarters at night. In particular, a herd of 4 elephants, including a cub, has been trying to enter the workers’ quarters in the Singona area for the past 3 days at night.

In this situation, at around 10.30 last night, 4 wild elephants were walking on the way to Chinnakallar near Singona Second Division residence and tried to enter the workers’ residence.

Upon learning of this, a team of forest rangers and anti-hunting guards from the Manampalli Forest Department went to the spot, sounded the siren and chased the wild elephants into the forest.

At that time 3 elephants had gone into the forest and only one elephant was chased by the forest department vehicle the forest department security patrol broke the rear window of the vehicle and damaged it. Shocked by this, the forest department fought for a long time and chased the wild elephant into the forest.

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