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Will Jackie Chan star in the Hindi remake of ‘Anniyan’?

Will Jackie Chan star in the Hindi remake of ‘Anniyan’?

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‘Anniyan’ is a blockbuster film directed by Shankar and starring Vikram. The film was screened in Tamil, Telugu, French, and Hindi. The film starred Vikram, Sada, Vivek, and Prakash Raj in the lead roles. Vikram elegantly portrayed Ambi as an innocent character, a stranger who sees injustice as a stranger, and Remo as a romantic mixed character with three different characters.

The film focuses on multiple psychiatric disorders. Vikram’s versatile performance in the film was well-received by the fans. The songs of the film and the website created by Anniyan were widely talked about among the fans.

To this day the film receives a good number of positive reviews from fans. In this situation, director Shankar wanted to make a remake of ‘Anniyan’ in Hindi with Ranveer Singh.

But the film’s producer Oscar Ravichandran objected to director Shankar’s decision. He added, “I own the entire license for the story of the Stranger film, so no one can direct the film without my permission.”

Following this, news sources say that Oscar Ravichandran is going to cast actor Jackie Chan in the Hindi remake of the movie Anniyan. It has been reported that the shooting of the film will start from April next year.

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