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Will the danger to the earth be avoided? NASA-SpaceX launches spacecraft on an asteroid

Will the danger to the earth be avoided? NASA-SpaceX launches spacecraft on an asteroid


NASA is constantly monitoring objects orbiting the Earth, especially near-Earth objects. Currently, at an altitude of more than 460 feet, there are 10,000 objects close to the Earth. But since they are unlikely to hit Earth for almost a century, there is currently no immediate threat to Earth. However, precaution is necessary.

In this case, the US space agency NASA and SpaceX are sending a spacecraft to avoid future threats. The purpose of launching this spacecraft is to hit an orbiting asteroid in space and change its trajectory. The space shuttle launch is expected to save the Earth from asteroid attack in the future.

WION reports that there is no danger to Earth due to the asteroid colliding with NASA and SpaceX spacecraft. The asteroid, which will move towards Earth in the future, is being sent to find out how to eliminate it before it becomes a threat to Earth. It will be launched on Wednesday from SpaceX’s Falcon-9 rocket from the Vandenberg Space Base in California.

The spacecraft will collide with the asteroid at 1500 mph so it can record the change in the asteroid direction. In addition, the asteroid’s atmosphere, metal, dust, and soil will be examined during the collision. The mission is called the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), NASA said in a statement. The technique used is the Kinetic Impactor Technique.

The DART spacecraft will move toward the 2600-foot-diameter asteroid Didymos. The meteorite orbits like a small moon with a diameter of 525 feet. NASA scientist Thomas Supersen said of the $ 330 million projects that it was a pioneering effort. NASA scientists say the DART mission is being implemented only to avoid future threats to Earth.

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