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Will the fingerprint change after death? What does science say?

Will the fingerprint change after death? What does science say?


You may have seen in the movies that after killing someone, the villain takes his thumb record on the property bonds. But in real life, this is not possible Scientists say fingerprints are now used everywhere. The fingerprint is used not only for Aadhar cards, Bank KYC but also for turning on mobile. If a person dies, how long will his fingerprints work? Let’s learn what science says.

After a person dies, the body cells slowly begin to die due to a lack of oxygen supply. So experts say the fingerprints will change. Not only will the fingerprints change to death, but they will also be blurry and blurry. A study published in the July 14, 2015 issue of the National Academy of Sciences noted that the reliability of fingerprint recognition decreases as the time interval between fingerprint recordings increases.

You have seen that a person loses his or her physical flexibility after death. After death, his fingers would swell like any other organ. Thus taking their fingerprints is not easy. Science has developed specialized equipment for this. Fingerprints can only be taken using a special curved device.

Currently, every mobile phone is equipped with a fingerprint sensor. After someone dies, you will be surprised to know that this fingerprint sensor of the mobile will not work. The fingerprint sensor technology used in mobile is so advanced that it instantly detects the difference between the dead and the living. Even if the deceased touches the sensor of his own mobile with his finger, it cannot be opened.

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