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Womens Day Entrepreneurship Series: Shrinithi Mohan, Shiksha Juniors

Womens Day Entrepreneurship Series: Shrinithi Mohan, Shiksha Juniors

Wishing you all a Happy Womens Day!

At we are celebrating Womens Day with a series on women entrepreneurs.

Presenting you Shrinithi Mohan, (Shrinithi Venkatesa Mohan) of Shiksha Juniors. She runs an all women setup!


Check out what she has got to say on women and entrepreneurship! Incidentally she was a part of the AIRSWEEE show conducted by TiE Coimbatore.

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“Gone are the days when women were restricted to do only household chores and they were left without their chances of growth. For long no one can deny women of their inherent abilities – their innate abilities to excel, multitask, and most importantly, do anything with utmost passion, care and ethics. Women of this generation are very much aware of this and grab all the opportunities which come their way and use it not only for their upliftment  but also for their family as a whole. “
“When a women is empowered her whole family and her surrounding is empowered. As a women entrepreneur I feel, I am able to add so much value to my society and also to myself by striving to be the best of myself. I also take pride in saying our organisation Shiksha Juniors is an all women organisation and I empower so many women directly and indirectly. There will be struggles but that doesn’t mean we should never try or give up, we are women we have everything in built in  us to achieve. Never be deterred by anything and constantly work on ourselves, I am sure we will outgrow our limitations is my note to my fellow women. “
“I would also like to mention about the AIRSWEE program organised by TIE for three days which I got an opportunity to attend along 25 other enterprising entrepreneurs which proved to be an excellent learning opportunity to scale our business and the mentorship received in the program was very useful.”

Wishing Shiksha Juniors and their team a great success! #allwomenteam #happywomensday


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