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Workshop on Microsoft Integration Technologies at Sri Eshwar College of Engineering

Workshop on Microsoft Integration Technologies at Sri Eshwar College of Engineering

BizTalk360 Team at SECE

In an effort to foster a cordial relationship, TechMeet360, the community initiative by BizTalk360 conducted their second technical workshop on “Microsoft Integration Technologies” for the faculty of Sri Eshwar College of Engineering, Coimbatore on April 28, 2017.

About 25 faculty members from the college attended the workshop to gather information about Microsoft Integration Technologies. Mr. Sriram Hariharan, Assistant Manager – Marketing/Events took the podium to welcome the gathering and shared a brief introduction about BizTalk360. The morning session was packed with sessions on different integration technologies from Microsoft. Mr. Arunkumar Kumaresan, Director – Product Engineering at BizTalk360 started off the session by stressing the key roles of a faculty member in a college and how they need to cultivate the technology in the minds of young generation. He justified the fact that teaching staff should not involve themselves in placement or employment generation activities in the institution, but should dedicate themselves in cultivating Employability of the students (by introducing new technologies and delivering high quality education). Once the pitch was set for the session, Arunkumar started off his session on “Evolution of Integration Technologies”. The session covered concepts on how integration technologies took shape, the common problems it solves, and the need for an integration platform in a B2B enterprise scenario.

Arun session

The day continued with sessions from Mr. Sunny Sharma, Microsoft MVP and Senior Software Engineer at BizTalk360, on “How easily you can build a SaaS Application using Azure”. In this session, Mr. Sunny demonstrated how Azure helps developers create and deploy a working website in just minutes. This got the faculty really excited as they were also under the assumption that it would take hours/day(s) to build a working website. The last session of the morning was delivered by Mr. Vignesh Sukumar, Senior BizTalk Developer at BizTalk360, on “Getting started with Azure Logic Apps”. In this session, Vignesh showed the power of Azure Logic Apps and how big organizations can take use of this functionality. Vignesh also showed a very interesting demo for the faculty to get a hang of the functionality by creating a Logic App that connects Dropbox and an email client. By the end of the session, the faculty members realized the power of Microsoft Integration Technologies.

After a yummy lunch, it was time for Mr. Kuppurasu Nagaraj, Microsoft MVP and Technical Coordinator at BizTalk360 to motivate the faculty members with the hands-on lab. BizTalk360 distributed Free Microsoft Azure Passes worth US$100 (valid for 1 month) to all the faculty members to facilitate them to get started with Azure. The lab sessions started off with the first program on creating the first ASP.NET Web Application using Azure. Gradually, the topics went deeper into the Azure concepts and by the end of the intensive 3 hour hands-on lab session, the faculty members at Sri Eshwar College of Engineering gained the competitive advantage of using Microsoft Azure.

BizTalk360 associates involved in the hands on lab

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Hands on Lab

Finally, it was time to bid thanks to the management of Sri Eshwar College of Engineering and the faculty who attended the workshop with complete interest throughout the day.

BizTalk360 is a software product company based at Tidel Park Coimbatore Limited, Peelamedu. The company purely works on cutting edge technologies in the Microsoft stack. The company’s products – BizTalk360 and ServiceBus360 are used by the top enterprise brands around the world. BizTalk360 follows the path of Microsoft and strives hard to build the technology committee in Coimbatore and throughout India. The company organizes technical meetups every month and conducts events under the TechMeet360 banner.

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