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World Elephant Day 2023: Know history, significance and theme

World Elephant Day 2023: Know history, significance and theme

The globe celebrates World Elephant Day to raise awareness about the importance of elephant conservation. World Elephant Day is celebrated annually on August 12 to draw attention to elephants’ role in maintaining ecological balance. The day highlights the need to be aware of the dangers that elephants confront every day. Many civilisations hold elephants in the highest regard because of their environmental importance. Therefore, they are both crucial to realising their value and taking precautions to preserve them.

History: On August 12, 2012, Patricia Sims from Canada, and HM Queen Sirikit initiated – ‘Elephant Reintroduction Foundation’ of Thailand, came up with the idea of celebrating World Elephant Day. Since its beginning, the campaign has partnered with 100 elephant conservation groups globally, reaching millions of people. By celebrating World Elephant Day, millions of people throughout the world have shown their care for elephants and want to do what they can to improve their situation.

In order to aid in the promotion of World Elephant Day each year, the World Elephant Society was established in November 2015 as a nonprofit tax-exempt 501(c)3 public charitable organization. It is led by Patricia Sims, who serves as both president and CEO. In preparation for and on World Elephant Day itself, the World Elephant Society produces and disseminates conservation education materials across the globe.

Significance: On World Elephant Day, people and organisations can unite to address the threats elephants face. This global problem calls for collaboration across countries and political lines, and World Elephant Day’s philosophy of neutrality makes it possible for all groups and people to run campaigns under its auspices.

Numerous elephant conservation organisations work on greater protection for wild elephants, better enforcement laws to prevent the illicit poaching and trading of ivory, conservation of elephant habitats, and improved care of captive elephants.

Theme of 2023: This year’s theme is “Ending the Illegal Wildlife Trade”. The illegal wildlife trade is a major threat to elephants. Every year, thousands of elephants are killed for their ivory tusks, which are then sold on the black market. This trade is driving elephants to extinction.

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The theme for World Elephant Day 2023 is a call to action to end the illegal wildlife trade. We need to work together to stop the killing of elephants and to protect these majestic creatures.


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