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World War 3 is coming in 2022! Nostradamus prediction!

World War 3 is coming in 2022! Nostradamus prediction!

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(Note: The information provided in this article is based on general information and assumptions. There is no conclusive evidence that the following things will happen)

Everyone may know about Nostradamus, the famous French astrologer. His predictions about the world are popular. Many of them have actually happened. His prediction for 2022 has now been released. Let us know what those predictions that cause concern are.

According to Nostradamus, next year, 2022, the world’s most dangerous nuclear bomb will explode. The radiation emitted from it will change the world’s climate and cause giant glaciers to melt completely.

This will increase the water level of the world’s oceans. Thus many islands and small countries will be submerged. Millions of people will die prematurely from radiation, and the rest will suffer from various diseases.

According to Nostradamus, the year 2022 will be very catastrophic. War will take place between many nations. Many of these will die (Mass level Death). Due to the huge natural event that took place at that time, the world itself will be plunged into darkness for 3 days.

Then, the war that started in the countries of the world will suddenly stop. Three days later, when the world sees the light, modernity is over and humanity will begin life again from the Stone Age.

According to Nostradamus’ prediction, in 2022, the largest astronomical event will occur. Next year, one of the asteroids that will break from a planet will come at a very high speed and hit the earth. The asteroid will enter the Earth’s atmosphere and fall into the ocean.

The size of the asteroid will be so large that strong waves will rise in the ocean and form a tsunami. As a result, the coastal areas of the countries near the sea will be completely destroyed and thousands of people will die.

Nostradamus predicts that by 2022, man-made computers and robots will become the enemy of mankind. By controlling the human mind, robots become uncontrollable and destroy the entire human race from the face of the earth.

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According to Nostradamus’ prediction, next year will be even tougher for France. The great storm of 2022 will have a negative impact on agriculture and the resulting famine will afflict mankind. According to Nostradamus, next year there will be a lot of changes in the world economy.

Bitcoin, gold, and silver are considered assets. There will be a huge fall in the US dollar. Inflation will rise sharply in the world, causing millions of poor people to starve.

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