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Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam (Tamil) – A subtle and smart take on Caste, Religion, and Quota system!

Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam (Tamil) – A subtle and smart take on Caste, Religion, and Quota system!

Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam

The first lines of the song from the Tamil movie JOKER form the title of this surprisingly well-convened movie that’s impressive, bringing in those genuine thoughts every citizen might be debating among themselves.

The first 30-40 minutes goes on a care-free go-happy mode but takes it to stand beyond that with a very judicious and stimulating content that earnestly procures an appreciation for its thought process on caste, religion & quota system, that’s been plotted carefully without affecting anyone’s sentiments! The Writer-Director Prabhu Jeyaram had impeccably visualized the outburst of many individuals in various situations and brings in a fine feather narration (especially the 2nd half), that bolsters for an interesting and sensible watch.

A happy-go-lucky youngster after a few episodes of romance tries his luck on various forms of employment and gets finally into filmmaking with content he had experienced, that does a profound take on caste, religion, quota systems, and its impacts.Every characterization, the justice it humbly requests for and the dialogues, are the USP of this genuine attempt.

Karthik RS on the central role as JP is apt for the role (shades of Vimal in “Kalavani” be it the looks or body language) and all the three main actors in the second half, giving their interviews on various spaces had brought in the facts of existence.It’s good to see actors like Rohini and Bagavathi Perumal have supported such good attempts, which should be the way forward.

Don’t judge this movie with the first 30-40 minutes of content and though it might not be technically brilliant all through (as always, might be budget constraints) and there might be areas for improvisation, the content has been conveyed loud and clear. Such movies should be encouraged, appreciated and word of mouth will help a better reach.

Welcome aboard Prabhu Jeyaram, another impressive filmmaker to Tamil Film Industry! Many congratulations to the entire team for the efforts!

The movie is now streaming on the “SONY LIV – OTT platform”. Please do catch up!

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Review by ~ Ram Arunachalam

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