1st December 2021
  • 1st December 2021

ZyCov-D Vaccination of children in India soon

By Team YourCoimbatore on 8th November 2021
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In August, the Directorate of Drug Control of India approved the ZyCov-D vaccine, a vaccine manufactured by the Indian pharmaceutical company Zydus Cadila. For children between the ages of 12 – 18, this non-injectable vaccine is said to be effective.

The highlight of ZyCov-D is that it is a simple technology-injected drug that can be inserted into a small hole in the flesh without the need for new technology. So, it is easy to give this to children. Meanwhile, the federal government has ordered the purchase of one crore doses of the injectable drug Zykov-D, manufactured by Zydus Cadila. Zydus Cadila administers one million vaccines each month. Following this, the vaccination work for children is expected to start soon.

Zydus Cadila vaccine should be given in three doses within 28 days. This dose will be given. Zydus Cadila Vaccine Zycov-D is the first vaccine approved by the Drug Administrator of India for delivery to adolescents 12 years of age and older.

Following an earlier agreement with the government, Zydus Cadila agreed to reduce the price of its Kovit-19 vaccine to 265 rupees per dose. Each dose of the injection-free ZyCoV-D vaccine requires a painless jet applicator priced at 93 rupees. A dose, including a jet applicator, costs Rs 358.

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